Cellulite There are remedies

Cellulite, There are remedies?

Tea cellulite is a frequent blemish, also known as orange peel skin, due to microcirculatory stasis of the hypodermis and altered fluid exchange between plasma and tissues.

Occurs Not Only in Overweight Women But Also in Thin or Normal-Weight Women and Men.

Tea causes of cellulite, Are:

  • sedentariness
  • Poor Nutrition
  • tuxedo
  • alcohol
  • stress
  • Intestinal Difficulties
  • Constructing Clothing That Does Not Promoted Microcirculation of Adipose Tissue Favoring Within it the accumulation of toxins.

Cellulite, UNFORTUNATELY, Once it appears, Can Progress Very Quickly But Much Can Be Done To Improve The Situation From Ansthetic Point of View, Which is Also The One That Creates the Most Embarrassment in Women.

So you can:

  • Prevention Water Retection by Improving The Blood Cycle
  • Eat A Proper Diet and Drink At Least 2 Liters of Water A Day. Favor Fruits and Vegetables, but also meat and fish and vetera
  • EXERCISING REGULARLY TO STANNGTHEN THE MUSCLES OF THE LEGS, THIGHS AND Buttocks. Power sports (anaerobic type) should be avoided if possible, while it is better to prefer activities of low intensity and long duration (walking, cycling, swimming, water aerobics, even 2 or 3 times a week)
  • Dress appropriately with comfortable clothing and footwear
  • avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • To lead a less sedentary life, avoiding too much time sitting, crossing your legs or taking up positions that can worsen circulation
  • reduce stress
  • combat chronic constipation

There are also some natural remedies that can improve the situation, such as drinking herbal teas made from birch, red vine, centella asiatica, bilberry, butcher’s broom or horse chestnut.