Civitavecchia On obstetrics Full Agreement with Asl of Viterbo

Civitavecchia – “ on obstetrics Full Agreement with the ASL of Viterbo ”

The ’ Agreement Reached Yesterday at the Lazio Region with the strategic summit of the asl of viterbo – inrfoma Joseph Quintavalle, General Director of the ASL Rome FRepresents the Essential Hub for the Creation of the Obtetrical-Gynecological Pole of the North Coast of Rome. In the agreement signed yesterday morning, in the presence of top representatives of the Regional Regulatory Cabin on Health Services , it was established that the full functional/operational connection for obstetrical-gynecological activities between the ’Tarquinia Hospital and the San Paolo of Civitavecchia, with the transfer of Gynecology specialists from Tarquinia to Civitavecchia and the simultaneous transformation of the Tarquinia garrison into ‘Casa del Parto’, according to the new care models recently launched by the Region.

It thus finds a proper definition of the situation of dual abnormalities present in the two hospitals that individually with their annual delivery numbers (390 for Tarquinia and 240 for Civitavecchia) could not reach the minimum safety standard required by the WHO in at least 500 annual deliveries, posing a real risk of closure for both, moreover illogical and impractical in this complex territorial quadrant.

Maximum understanding with Dr. Macchitella, manager of the ASL VT – Quintavalle continues – to join forces in order to achieve the primary goal: safety and efficiency for the many users of an all contiguous territory. For Our Part, We have Almedey Undredey a Series of Actions Aimed at Ensuring in The São Paulo Hospital The Best Operating Environment: Work Has Almedy Begun On the Renovation and Expansion of the Delivery Rooms, and Very The Entire Obsthetics and Gynecology Department Will be renovated.

As for the Problems These Days of Our Neonatology Pediatrics, it must be said that a New Pediatrician Has Already Taken Office, and that New Petitions Are Being Finalized in These Hours to the Lazio Region for the Granting of the Additional Waivers necessary for the Full Optimal Functioning of the operating unit ’ This.