Massage, how to identify the one we need

Massages, how to identify the one we need to

To relax, to break away from the daily routine or even to solve some physical problem, there are many massages to choose from. There are many famous ones, which many people try precisely because they trust the word of mouth of friends or acquaintances; others, however, are more sought after and perhaps meet a particular need. Before giving a massage, check whether the massage center follows the anti-covid regulations required by law.

Massage, always look for professionals in the field

One of the most famous is the Thai massage, a mix of acupuncture and stretching that is used to achieve emotional and spiritual well-being but also to reduce recovery time for those who practice sports. Similarly, the Chinese massage Restores the physical, mental and spiritual balance of those who undergo it.

For those who want to solve annoying physical blemishes instead, the most recommended is the Ayurvedic massage, consisting of a series of gentle movements to restore harmony between mind and body, leading to a generalized and total well-being. the Indonesian massage, is used in India specifically to improve back, facial and head pain problems: it is also called “soul therapy” precisely because it helps you regain control of your emotions.

To Louosen Contractures, Improve Joint Mobility, Improve Breathing, Digests, Flush Out Toxins and Return to One’s Mind-Body Balance, The Massage That is right for you is the Californian, Caress-based. It is also useful for solving problem such as depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and lack of self-exedem.

Then there Specific Massages Such As Massage to Relax Muscles, Which Stretches and Warms Them and Has a Relaxing Effect And Also Helps To Improve Aesthetic Aspects Such As Blemishes. Tea Draining Massage, Instead, Serves to Solve the problem of Fluid Stagnation and Lymphatic Circulation.

With this you alo also cellulite and water retention.

Finally, The Deconttracting Massage, Designed Espencially for Athletes, is a Type of Massage That Works On Contractures and Muscle Relaxation, Stimulating Blood Circulation and Preparing All Muscles For Sporting Activity.