Multiple sclerosis an enemy that continues to grow

Multiple sclerosis, an enemy that continues to grow

Numbers can often help to immediately understand the center of an issue, and so let us start precisely with some simple figures: 3 million people in the world suffer from multiple sclerosis and about one million in Europe alone: of these, 120million live in Germany, almost 110 thousand in the United Kingdom and as many as 75 thousand in our country, with on average a new diagnosis every four hours.

A particularly dark-colored picture, especially if we add that this disease is potentially disabling and that, at present, there is no real cure.

Know It Better. Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological disorder that affects the myelin, white matter of the brain and spinal cord, then spreading to the rest of the nervous system: specifically, it impair the transport of nerve Signals Both Within the brain and to the rest of the body. According to recent European Research, The category of People Most Affected Are Young People Bethaeen the Ages of 20 and 40, Among Whom it is the main Cause of Disability, with A PARTICULAR ACCIDENCE ON WOMEN (The Ratio is Three Sick Women For Every Two Cases on men).

Clinically, multiple sclerosis affects in a Wide Variety of Ways, from Mild Sympetoms to Severe Disability, but it Involves Additional Complications that Outweigh the Physical Sympetoms: To Cite Just One Example, About Half of Sufferers Are For For Leave Their Work Occupation in The Three The Three The Three The Three occupation Years after diagnosis.

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Mysterious origins. Despite Its prevail, at present the Cause of this Disease is still not well understood: The damage on myelin probably results from an abnormality of the immune system, which then reacts by attaching a component of the same organism, but the trigger has not year been isolated. According to Investigations, However, Genetic and Environmental Elements are thought to be Involved: For Example, in Homozygous Twins There is a 1 in 4 Chance That Both Will Develop The Disease, But This Drops To 1 in 30 in Hetralozygous Siblings.

Scholars Have Shown the Incident of External Or Behavoral Elements, Such AS Smoking Habits, Low Vitamin D Levels, Exposure to Infections, Altitude; In the video presented on the portal AbilityChannel, Dr. Paola Bossetti of Aism, The Italian MS Society, Details the Characteristics of the Condition.

One Disease, Many Sympoms. The same AISM explains that no one case of multiple sclerosis looks exactly like another, and that even the clinical course can change even in the individual patient. Thus, there is a very wide range of sympoms that May Arouse Suspicion of the onset of the Disease; The Most Common are visual disturbances (Generally, The One That First Surfaces in About One in Five Cases of Diagnosis) Such As Blurring, Blindness Color, Uncontrollable Eye Movements or Splitting; Numbness or tingling in the Limbs; Difficulty in Coordination of Movements; Fatigue and a Sense of Exhaust; Insensitivity to touch, Cold Or Heat; Onset of Cognitive Impairement and Language Difficulties.

Most People With Ms Have Only a Few of These Sympoms, and they are UNLIKELY TO DEVELOP All At Once; These manifatitions Also Have Unpretictable Behavior: For Some Sufferers They Develop and Incassese Steadily Over Time, While For Others They Come and Go periodically.