Cesano – “Day for the Care of Creation”

Cesano – “Day for the custody of creation”,

Vatican Radio. Over the Course of the “day for the care of creation”, Held On the Eve of the Summit of the’A climate change in Durban, The Pope and’ Intervene Once Again on Safeguarding the’Environment as Recognition of the Human Person and His Inviolability’. Once Again We Point Out How His Words Are In Profound Contrast To What Has Been Happening for Decades, Day After Day, Around the Radiovaticana Facilities in Santa Maria di Galeria.

The Coordination of the Committees of North Rome Brings All’attention of the public prosecutor’s office an additional case of hemolymphatic cancer disease.

“The Church – said the Pope to more than ten thousand students present at the Vatican – & # 8230; he has never ceased to remember that respecting the’footprint of the Creator in all creation, we better understand our true and deep identityà human. If …in his work of him l’man forgets that he is God’s collaborator, canò do violence to creation and cause damage that always has negative consequences even on the’man, as we see, unfortunately, on several occasions. …respect for the’environment not può forgetting the recognition of the value of the human person and its inviolabilityà, at every stage of life and in every. Respect for l’human being and respect for nature are one’one, but both can grow and have their proper measure if we respect in the human creature and nature the Creator and his creation.

On this, dear guys, I am convinced that I will find in you allies, true “custodians of life and creation”.

How can the Pope’s words in defense of creation and human life at every stage and in every condition ever be reconciled, as well as theé his reminders of the coincidence between nature and human beings, respect for the’environment as recognition of the value of human life and its inviolabilityà, with the scientific evidence that has emerged in northern Rome and neighboring municipalities as a result of the’epidemiological survey carried out for the Court of Rome that demonstrated the’of existence “to’consistent, important and significant association” of risk of death from leukemia and risk of becoming ill with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma by long residential exposure to Vatican Radio ?

How canò ever reconcile Benedict XVI’s call for respect for the’man and nature becauseé Creator’s expression, as well asé his conviction of him to have with young people a’alliance for the custodianship of life and creation, with l’Evidence that up to 12 Kilometers from the Vatican Radio, è Has Been Claimed by the epidemiologists Who conducted the study, “…L’Excess of Risk è Resoundingly high. …L’Effect è very important and cannotò be two to chance …The results obtained are absolutely impressive. …We have not Been Able to Find a causal factor other Than Vatican Radio. …One Cannotò Do Not Think That theì Something Important Happened To Those People’s Lives, That would Not è Explainable by Any Cause Other Than the Vatican Radio Emissions. …” ?

Meanwhile, The Coordination of the Committees of North Rome, on December 9, Delivered to the Chancery of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic, Dr. Stefano Pesci, who is in charge of the circumstantial case for multiple manslaughter against some managers of Vatican Radio, the hospital health records of a 50-year-old woman who lives in Osteria Nuova, near the Via Braccianense, and who since 2010 è suffering from non-hodgkin’s large b-cell lymphoma.