Coldiretti consumption Italy invaded by palm oil (19%), it is alarm

Consumption: Coldiretti, Italy invaded by palm oil (+19%), is alarmed

Imports of palm oil into Italy increase 19 percent to a record amount that exceeded even 1.7 billion kilos in 2014, a negative record never before achieved. This is the finding of an analysis by Coldiretti, Which Raises the Alarm About the Invasion of A Product Under Indictment from Nutritional and Environmental Point of View, Right in The Homeland of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet.

Palm Oil Due to Its Low Cost and Lack of Information – Coldiretti stresses – TENDS TODERS HIGHER-QUALITY Fats Practically Everywhere and Even in Baby Foods Such As Cookies, Snacks, Cakes and Even in Baby Milk, with Quantities Imported Intoly Incaseing Tenfold in the Last 15 Years, But Which Can Now BE Recognized From The Label they.

Concerns About the Impact On Health Two to the ’ High Content of Saturated Fatty Acids Are, Moreover, Compounded by Those from the Environmental Point of View Because – Coldiretti Continues – The Huge Development of the Palm Oil Market Is Leading to the Unbridled Deforestation of Vast Forests, Not to Mention the Pollution Caused by Transportation Thousands of Kilometers Away from the place of Production.

To ENABLE FEWERMED PURCHESING CHOICES by Consumers, The Obligation to Specific On The Label The Nature of Any Oil Used in Packaged Food Products was introduced on December 13, 2014 in EU Legislative Under The Pressure of Coldiretti. Therefore, it is no longer possible – Coldiretti Specifices – to use the generic wording vegetable oil, playing on the fact that in our tradition when one THINKS of Oil One Thinks of Olive Oil, but one Must indicated Preciseel Which Oil it is is. For Products Sold Loose at the Bakery or Bakery – Coldiretti specifics – Must Always Be Dysplayed and Available to Consumers, The List of Ingredients Used.

A Victory Against The Big Lobbies, Which Nevertheless Continue To Pull Their Weight As Evidenced, for Example, by the European Union's decision to Appeal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to set up an arbitration Committee Regarding Certain import duties from Russia, Which it Considers Excessive for Several Products Including Palm Oil. In other words – complaints Coldiretti – the European Union decides to intervene to increase imports of a product of dubious quality that moreover competes unfairly with European butter and extra virgin olive oil replacing them in cakes, pizzas, bakery, industrial and artisanal.