How to protect yourself from sunburn

How to protect yourself from sunburn

Beautiful days are coming and people are starting to spend their days at the beach getting a tan. It is necessary, however beware of sunburn and then protect against sunburn, specific terms that indicate precisely the sunburn or burn due to prolonged exposure to sunlight without having used sunscreen, such as a cream. Also watch out for sunburns especially on those very hot days, use hats, and when you can go under the umbrella for a while’.

Hese Burns Are First-Or Second-Degree Burns and the Symptoms Styr Several Hours After Sun Exposure and Are:

  • Redense of the skin
  • bubbles
  • blisters
  • itchy skin papules
  • Skin Sensititivity to Touch
  • Excoryion
  • Skin Dryness

So Much You can doter Getting Sunburned to relieve Your Skin Such As Moisturizing it with Lotions, Milks or Creams; Take a Cold Shower, Apply Soothing Compresses and SO on.

But what can be done to protect against sunburns?

The Immediate Thing to do is to Apply Sunscreen, Espencialy During the First Few Days at the Beach.

IDEALLY UVA AND UVB FILTERS SHOULD BE HIGH THE FIRST FEW DAYS (50 OR 30) AND THEAN AS YOU GO Along You Can Lower It to 15 OR 10 But the Important Thing is to allways use the Cream, Even at the end of the season.