Citrosodine prescription required

Citrosodine, prescription needed?

There citrosodine is a medicine that is used for digestive problems that are often caused by poor diet, eating too much fatty food and drinking too much alcohol and coffee, but also by not chewing food properly or experiencing excessive mental and physical stress.

So the consequences of these digestive problems are reflux, bloating, heaviness, heartburn and acidity in the stomach.

Citrosodine It is a medication that can be found in different formats:

  • Effervescent granules
  • in chewable tablets
  • in Sachets

Short-Term Intake of is Recommended:

  • 2 Teaspoons of Citrosodine Effervescent Granules 3-4 Times a Day
  • 4 Citrosodine Chewable Tablets for 3-4 Times Daily

Before Taking This Medication, it is a good idea to Consult Your Doctor or Pharmacist Because there are many circumstances under which it cannot be taken:

  • In Case of Hypersensitivity to Any of the Components of the Product
  • Is Not Recommended in Hypertensive Patients Because Incased Sodium Absorption, Resulting in Incased Plasma Volume and Thus Worsening The Disease Condition, May Occhur As A Resault of Prolonged Intake of this Medication
  • In Pregnancy and Lactation (or in Any Case, it Is Always Advisable to seek Consultation with the Doctor)

Some patients taking it Who have renal insufficiency, marketd hypertension, or individuals on a low-Sodium diet Should be monitor by their Doctor.

No prescription is required for this medication and it is always important to inform him or her if any particular situation arises while you are taking it, such as if the disorder persists or you notice any changes, precisely to avert the presence of more serious illnesses.

In any case, do not exceed the doses recommended in the dosage and do not use for prolonged treatment.