Diet Why at Medical Consultation is Needed

Diet, Why at Medical Consultation is Needed

For many, “going on a diet” equals the end of the world and losing the joy of living. In reality, if the diet and eating regimen are proposed by a professional, it is simply a matter of changing one’s eating habits (which were evidently wrong since they had led to weight gain) to take on new, healthier ones. Of course, it is very important to combine the right physical activity with your diet.

Diet is above all health

Dieting, in fact, does not mean indiscriminately eliminating certain categories of foods and introducing new ones but actually understanding what the body needs.

This is why it is best not to follow DIY diets or those diet regimens that are often advertised in magazines because they are followed by a certain singer or Hollywood star.

Those Diets, in fact, Only offer generic advice as If they couuld fit Everyone indiscriminately me.

Medical Consultation

Here’s Why, When you decide to go on a Diet You Need a Medical Consultation By a dietician Who is for all intents and purifies a person with a medical degree Who can diagnose illness, prescription investigations, medications and subsequently diet.

One Can Also Turn to a Dietitian Who is a person with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietics Who, However, Can Develop Diets Only on Doctor’s Orders.

Cannot prescription Diets for People With Certain Conditions and Cannot Practice Alone But Must Be Assisted by A Doctor.

Another Figure We Often Hear About When It Comes To Diets is the Nutritionist, A Figure With A Degree in Biology and Registered with the Order of Biologists Who Can prescribe Diets and Supplements But Not Drugs (Not Being A Doctor).

It can therefore assess people’s nutritional and energy needs and work out dietary patterns, but if the person is ill, he or she must regly on a doctor for diagnosis.