ASL RM F Hires New Staff, Will Go To Implement St. Paul and Padre Pio

ASL RM F Hires New Staff, Will Go To Implement St. Paul’s and Padre Pio

It is of these days the news that the Lazio Region Authorized Through the decree of the acting commissioner n. 303 of July 2, 2015, The physiotherapy institutes, the.N.M.THE. “Lazzaro Spallanzani” and the USL company USL Roma F, to Hire as an exception to the freeze on turnover of full-time, permanent health personnel.

This important innovation Regarding the ’ Arrival of New Staff Will Go to Incasse The Lacking Resources of the Health Authority, Particularly The Two Corporate Hospital Poles (San Paolo and Padre Pio) and the recent Ladispoli Health House.

Said hires will be possible either through the scrolling of rankings by means of valid competition within the Lazio Region, and only in case of unsuccessful scrolling, it will be possible to issue a call for national mobility, or again through an open competition, according to current regulations, of:

  • 1 Medical Director of Anesthesia and Resuscitation;
  • 1 Medical Director of General Surgery;
  • 1 Medical Director of Acceptance and Emergency Medicine (Emergency Room);
  • 1 Medical Director of Oncology.

Bracciano Presidium:

  • 2 Medical Directors of General Surgery;
  • 2 Medical Directors of Orthopedics and Traumatology;
  • 1 Medical director of anesthesia and resuscitation

Civitavecchia Presidium:

  • 2 Health Professional Collaborators – Midwives;

House of Health – Municipality of Ladispoli:

  • 2 Health Professional collaborators – Nurses;
  • 2 o.S.S.

In The Specific Case of ASL RM F, This Integration of New Resources Has Important Significance, Espencialy with Regard to the Padre Pio Hospital in Bracciano, Which Was At Risk of Closure and Instead Now Find Itsself Having Its Health Personnel Incased, Although, Like the Whole of the Company It Stoll Suffers from Somo Some Deficiences..