Cisterna di Latina – Health, Mayor’s Inspection at the First Aid Point

Latina cistern – Health, Mayor's Inspection of First Aid Point

This Morning The First Citizen Vised The Facility For A Further Check On The State of the Service Ahead of A Meeting to Be Hold in the Coming Days at the Headquarters of the ASL General Management of Latina.

A Visit That Lasted About An Hour in Which della Penna, Respecting The Ongoing Activities, Once Again Had The Opportunities To Discuss with the Staff of the Health Facility in via Monti Lepini Collecting the Critical Issues and the Most Urgent Questions.

"We are familiar with the situation at the Cisterna First Aid Point," the mayor commented, "and this morning's inspection confirmed all our concerns about a situation that has been untenable for too many years now…. Problems of safety, structural, lack of tools and personnel that make the health facility in Via Monti Lepini absolutely inadequate for the huge users to which, in fact, it caters. We are talking about about 14 thousand interventions each year among which there are also accesses of citizens residing in neighboring municipalities. The general management of the Asl of Latina, in the person of Dr. Giorgio Casati, kindly agreed to meet with us. So in the coming days we will also be able to discuss with him the seriousness of the Cisternese health issue.

From our point of view, it seems all too clear that cisterna, as fart as health resources are concerned, receives less than all the medium-sized municipalities in the provinces and sometimes event less than the disposal ones. It is time for the asl to realize this emergency and take action with decisive solutions. I would like to THANK, "Eleonora della Penna Concludes," All the staff Working at the first aid point in Cisterna Who, Amid Unbearable Difficulties, are Committed Every day and Every Night to Help in Timely and Professional Manner The People Who as to The Facility.".