Cellulite Which Physical Activity is indicated

Cellulite, Which Physical Activity is indicated

There Cellulitis is an inflammation of subcutaneous adipose tissue two to hypertrophy of fat cells and alterations in the venous and lymphatic system, resulting in water retent and stagnation of fluids between cells.

This Fluid Stagnation Causes The Blemish of Orange Peel Skin, Which is embarrassing Espencially in Women. To say there is a method to sesent it away is a long shot even if specific massages for cellulite cannd a Hand.

The causes that lead to cellulis are:

  • Genetic, Linked To Factors Such AS Incased Hormonal Activity, Capillary Fragility and Poor Circulation
  • Excessive estrogen Activity
  • Alterans in Venus Circulation and Thus Slowing of the Bloodstream
  • stress, two to a hectic life with excessive physical exertion
  • Bad Habits (Smoking, Alcohol, Ill-Fitting Clothes that do not promoted microcirculation, standing or sitting for many hours, Wearing Shoes that are too Tight or Hight Heels, Eating Salty)
  • overweight, obesity

To fight or counteract the appearance of cellulite you can:

  • follow a diet in which fruits and vegetables are not lacking
  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day
  • Limiting salt consumption

But most importantly, you can do regular sports activity because cellulite is also due to too sedentary a lifestyle.

However, it is best to avoid power sports (anaerobic type) that can lead to lactic acid formation: these are, for example, sports such as spinning, fast running, weight lifting.

The most suitable physical activity is definitely that aerobics of low intensity and long duration, such as walking, cycling or swimming, for 30-40 minutes at least 2-3 times a week, yoga.

Ideal is also to do water aerobics, which allows you to consume calories and the water exerts a massage that promotes peripheral and subcutaneous layer circulation.

At the end of any aerobic activity, however, perform stretching combined with respiratory control exercises performed with the legs up to promote venous return and elimination of toxins produced.