Lazio Region Health Zingaretti For celiac Disease Also in Lazio Simplified Procedure

Lazio Region, Health, Zingaretti: “ for Celiac Disease Also in Lazio Simplified Procedure ”

"Simplified Procedures in Lazio for the acquisition of products for the 17.000 Celiacs in Our Region, "To Announce The News, The President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti WHO Signed a Decree Providing for the 'reuse' in the Lazio Region of the Food Delivery System, and Others, Already Used in Lombardy and Adopted by Veneto and Tuscany.

"By joining this network, the payment system will be similar to everyday payment methods at the checkout with the possibility, however, of using the National Health Insurance Card in the National Service Card (Cns) function as an "electronic purse,"" he explains Gypsy – In fact, The System Provides for the complete dematerialization of the Administrative Processs of Care for Celiac Patient and Also Als the Monthly Budget to be used for the Purchase of Products in Authorized Businesses, Such As Pharmacies and Stores, Even Within the Regions that are part of the Network and That Use The Same Platform.".

The New Service Will Be in Operation Once Funding With European Funds is approved by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and in Any Case Will Be in Operation by the End of the Year.