National Institute of Molecular Genetics, achievements and new challenges

National Institute of Molecular Genetics, achievements and new challenges

The National Institute of Molecular Genetics (INGM), established by the Italian state as a private nonprofit foundation, is the national reference center on molecular genetics and detection and diagnosis methodologies.

The Research Activities of Ingm-Whose Founding Partners are the ministry of Health, IRCCS Foundation Ca 'Granda Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, and Lombardy Region – Began in 2007 Within The Campus of the Historic Maggiore Policlinico Hospital of Milan.

The Institute is now, Nationally and Internationally, at Center of Excellence in Biomedical Research. This Recognition Has Been Achieved Thanks to Scientific Results, Achieved in the Area of Undersanding The Mechanisms of Gene Expression Regulation, Which Have Led To Important Application Developments, Resulting in The SubMission of Several Patent Applications.

In Recent Years, Precisely Because of Its Very Important Role, The Foundation Has Experienced significant growth.

In this Regard, Gianfranco Scalabrini, WHO WAS APPOINTED INGM PRESIDENT ON FEB. 28, 2016, with 5-Year Term, Arguias "When I was offered the opportunity to chair the foundation, the immediate perceived its values; AS I Delved Deem, I Realized How Extraordinary Things These Professionals Do On A Daily Basis, Aimed at Improving The Lives of All of Us."

Scalabrini's Primary Goal is to "Make this More Vision to the Uniniated, Trying to stimulate the desire to contribute to this mission in each of us. I am sure that upon learning about what INGM does concretely in research against cancer and immune-mediated diseases, everyone will be impressed, as I was upon entering this world.".

The Foundation's growth also comes from the implementation of the logic of corporate social responsibility. In fact, according to the president, "CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an integral part of companies' business plans, and INGM can be the vehicle through which large Italian groups can contribute to the health and better living conditions of the community. I hope, indeed I am convinced, that I can make a contribution to this by combining my managerial skills, developed over decades of supporting companies, with the extensive scientific expertise present in the Foundation.

I like to be convinced and persuaded that with Everyone's Effort There you will soon be no more invincible enemies such as dreasa.”