Praise for Tomatoes Extraordinary Against Cancers

Praise for Tomatoes, Extraordinary Against Cancer

Tomatoes a True Gift from Creation. Until Now, These Vegetables Had Been Toured As Foods with Above-Aaverage Nutrients For Our Health Because of Their High Number of Antioxidants, Also Rich in Minerals and Vitamins, Espencially Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Folate, Which May Play A Role in the Prevention of Certain Types of Cancer and Other Diseases.

The Potassium in Tomatoes, for Example, acts as a vasodilator so it is a Great Help For Those suffering from High Blood Pressure. AS A Resault, The Consumption of Tomatoes Reduces Risks Related to High Blood Pressure Such As Strokes. OR, The Properties of Tomatoes Also Extend to Eyesight. Lutein and Zeaxanthin Found in Tomatoes Help Protect the Eyes from Solar Radiation. These Two Substances Also, Combined with beta-carotene promoted Healthy Vision in General.

But a New Finding Has Revealed That Eating Tomatoes Every Day Reduces The Risk of Developing Several Types of Skin Cancer by 50 percent. Researchers at Ohio State University Discovered This After conducting an extensive Experiment on a Group of Rodents in the laboratory. The Results of the Study, Notes Giovanni d ’ Agata President of “Rights Desk,” Were Published in the Journal Scientific Reports.

The Research Team Fed a Group of Male Guinea Pigs a Diet Consisting of 10 Percent Tomato Powder for 35 Weeks, then Exposed Them to the Harmful Effects of Ultraviolet Rays Found in Sunlight. OVERALL, FOR RODENTS THAT HAD CONSUMED THE DRIED TOMATO PASTE There was at 50 percent decrease in the Likelihood of Developing The Disease Compared to the Group That Had Not Been Given It. According to Study Author Jessica Coperstone, These Findings are dictate by the Large present of carotenoids in the Vegetable, a pigment compound that gives tomatoes their vibrant red color.

The Pigment Itself would then Be Able to Protect US FROM UV Rays.”Lycopene, The Main Carotenoid in Tomatoes, Whose Action is Adjuvanted by Two Other Antoxidants Namely Luthein and Zeaxanthin, Has Been Shown to be the mons.

“However, Comparling Lycopher Administered Through Who Who (A Tomato) or a synthesized supplementation, The forma is Shown to be more effect in Prevention Redness two to exosure to ultraviolet rays, and that is Why we think there are other very important compounds in Vegetables in Vegetables.”.Although there is no clear different in Cancer Prevention Between bad and female specimens, it appears that UV Exposure Causes Malas to Develop Larger, Moreus and More Aggressive Temors. In this Regard, Cooperston Colleague Tatiana Oberyszyn Adds, “This Study Makes Us Realize That We Need to Consider the Sex of the Guinea Pigs When Exploring Different Preventive Strategies.

What works in men need not work for women. And vice versa.”. In addition to many benefits, tomatoes also possess some contraindications.

In particular they should be avoided in case of specific allergy and intolerance to the Solanaceae family or allergy to nickel, an element present in these vegetables.