Therapeutic massage and beauty massage what’s the difference

Therapeutic massages and beauty massages what is the difference

the therapeutic massage is designed to solve psychophysical problems (not serious) such as stress, anxiety, fear or physical pain such as chronic pain that can be relieved. Obviously massage centers and spas have changed in the post-coronavirus era to be in compliance with regulations.

II massages in fact have soothing functions precisely because they serve to:

  • loosening of muscles
  • improving joint mobility
  • Relaxing, breaking away from the daily routine

So it serves to bring it back to a state of well-being whether the problem is physical in nature (such as a contracture from sports or overtraining at the gym) or is due to stress and worries. In addition, undergoing such in Massage, event IF you do not suffer from any particle problem, Helps you to become happy and relax and immediate feel rejuvenated and strong.

These include, the draining massage and the Ayurvedic massage.

Ultimately, they are therapeutic massages for example the one for the back, for the neck or for the feet. the beauty massage or also called aesthetic, Instead, it serves to eliminate blemishes at the skin and subcutaneous level and to prevent skin aging.

So it is carried out using specific products, machinery or increasingly advanced techniques (since it is one of the most requested, especially by women who want to say goodbye to issues such as cellulite, fat pads, stretch marks, water retention and rejuvenate their skin with specific and “miraculous” treatments).

These include those for facial skin, aimed at eliminating wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging and flabby skin.

So, they are needed for:

  • stimulating the muscles of the face
  • improving circulation
  • increase skin elasticity
  • Decrease facial blemishes
  • make the skin immediately appear firmer, cleaner and younger.

One Can Extend the Treatment to the Neck as Well, Which, Many Times, is the part of the body that monsing easily “Reveals” Advancing Age and Whose Beauty Should Therefore Be Presserved by firming it up.