Capena – AND “Toward a Solution the Dialysis affair”

Capena – TO.N.AND.Q: “Toward a Solution the Dialysis affair”

“The affair of the hair decentralized dialysis unit, whose reopening is long away by the people who were on dialysis at the facility, is finally on its way to a solution.

Tea a.N.AND.D. Has Good Hopes in This Regard, After the Meeting it Had Days Aug, with the General Director of the ASL Roma 4 Dr. Giuseppe Quintavalle, Corporate Health Director Dr. Lauro Sciannamea and the Director of the Uoc Nephrology and Dialysis of the Hospital S. Paolo di Civitavecchia, Head of the U.D.D. In question, dr.

Moreno Malaguti.

Documents in Hand, The Corporate Management Has Informad US That it has received a positive opinion from the region on the cost estimate submitted for the work of bringing the hair facility up to standard and renovating it. We have also been informed that construction work, applying the right procedure, will begin shortly. There remains the activation of the process for recruiting all staff, which is essential to be able to open the two shifts on odd and even days.

We see it necessary, in order not to further lengthen the time, that the two procedures walk hand in hand. The Region, heard in this regard, undertook to establish the necessary staffing plan as soon as possible.”

“The ‘positive aspect is given by the fact that we will have a U.d.d. Public, Stucuturally and Professionally Qualified, Guaranteeing All Dialysis Places Minus One, Sacrified to the Space Demanded by the renovation; What unfortunately does not decreaseish is the discomfort suffered all these months by people on dialysis at the hair center so much so that severe patient patient have been force to go to the private center in fiano Romano to dialyze.”

“To the Chronically Ill, Who Represent a Fragile Part of Our Society, The Delay in Reaching a Solution to the Matter, Leaves the Bitterness of Always Having to see and suffer on Their Skin, The Abynce of A Genuine Simplification of Public Administration, The Only One Able to Combine Quality of Life of Citizens and Reduction of Public Spending. “