Cerveteri – Paliotta “The First Aid Station will not be downsized”

Cerveteri – Paliotta: "The First Aid Post will not be downsized."

First Aid Station will not be downsized, the more than one hundred thousand residents of our area need more answers in terms of adequate health care.” Thus the Mayor Crescenzo Paliotta commented on the news that the Lazio Region Social Policy and Health Commission has reiterated that the staffing of the Ladispoli and Cerveteri Pit will not have to be reduced.

Tomorrow With the mayor of Cerveteri Pascucci we will meet the Asl RmF director Quintavalle. There – Paliotta continued – will be addressed the issue of health care in the complex starting with the Health House Whose goal is to increase the’supply of services. We will also address the problem of the 118 service and the need, during the night hours, for the ambulance We will ask the Ares 118 management of the Lazio Region to make available to the citizens of Ladispoli and Cerveteri this valuable tool to ensure timely interventions With the doctor on board in case of need even from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. the next day. Our district serves about 80 thousand users who in the summer come even 200 thousand who need certainty in terms of health care.”