Hair Transplant Center in Milan here is the best one

Hair Transplant Center in Milan: here’s the best

In Milan, it is now possible to have a hair transplant with the revolutionary technique Devised by Dr. Gho, which uses pure stem cells. This Technique, Does a Partial Harvesting of the Hair Bulb, and Makes It Strong and Vigorous in A Privy Medical Compound. This is a technique suitable for patient with unersized donor areas and advanced baldness, and allews for thick hair and no scarring.

In addition, it &#8217s an opportunity to visit Milan, in Beautiful and Magical City.

The Extraordinary Technique Devised by Dr. Gho is now in Milan

In Milan, it has finally become possible to do hair transplantation with the HST Technique, Devised by Dr. Gho, A Technique That uses the Hair Stem Cells.

Practticing This Innovative and Revolutionary Technique is clinic Hair Science Clinics, applying a cloning principle to multiply the hair taken from the area used for “donation”.

HTS hair transplantation technique: what it’s and how it works

The HST technique (Hair Stemcell Transplantation) is also called PL FUT (Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation), because it is a partial longitudinal extraction of hair stem cells.

With extremely small harvesting, it is therefore possible to have enough material for transplantation: only a part of the hair bulb is harvested. One might think that in this way the hair has a lower chance of surviving, but its strength is due to its immersion in the patented HTS compound, rich in exozomes (known because they stimulate hair regrowth), which allows them to firmly take root in.

Very high probability of success of the HTS technique

In this way, the probability of success is placed between 95% and 98%, far surpassing other techniques.

This Makes The Technique Possible Even For Patient With A Very extensive bolding and with a ’Very Small Donor Area. Often, These Patient, are pushed to techniques that are not suitable for their situation, with disappointing results, excessive Thinning of the Donor Area, and Scorse Hair AS A Resault.

Hts Technique: The Main Advantages

The Advantages of this Technique are as follows:

  • No Thinning in The Used For Donation Area, Since the follicular units from Which partial Harvesting Takes Place Regenerate
  • The Hair Will Be Thick, Because the implants are microscopic and therefore can be placed close together
  • Very Fast Timescales: full Regrowth in 9 Months
  • No bandageing Post Surgery and Minimal Bleeding
  • Very Rapid Healing and Absence of Scarring and Fibrosis, So Possibility of Wearing Short Hair Without Blemishes.

Hair Science Clinic in Milan: safety and extreme comfort

Another element that prompts patients to choose the ’ hair science clinic, The hair transplant center in Milan, is the comfort Which Gives Its Clients, with a State-Of-The-Art Operating Room, to Private Suites With Locker Room, Relaxation Area, and Breakfast Included.

The ’ Environment is totally sterile and Transplantation is Done Exclusively in A Surgical Room. In addition, all measures to protect against pandemic risk are stictly adhered to.

Patients can then take advantage of the Transplant to Visit Milan, Obviously Follow the Surgeon’s Post-Ooperative Instructions