Cord blood stem cells and autism

Cord blood stem cells and autism

Umbilical cord stem cells are a valuable therapeutic tool for the treatment of numerous diseases. There are many possible clinical applications, which have already proven their effectiveness, ranging from the treatment of some neoplasms to that of congenital disorders of the immune system 1 . Not Only That, However: Preclinical and Clinical Studies Are Underway to Evaluate The Effectiveness of Using These Cells in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Capena – ASL ROMA 4, in the process of solving the problem of Dialysis

Capena – ASL ROMA 4, in the process of solving the problem of Dialysis

The Corporate Management, in reference to the continuing situation of uncertainty regarding the Corporate Dialysis Center of District 4, well aware of the inconvenience that users undergoing dialysis therapy at the currently inactive facility in the Capena Outpatient Clinic are undergoing and to alleviate which alternative procedures were immediately activated, is pursuing a whole series of administrative initiatives with the various institutions involved, to reach a positive outcome of the matter as soon as possible.

Last July, in fact, the Capena Hemodialysis Center had been temporarily suspended following some cases of hyperpyrexia of unknown origin, and the Corporate Management had quickly shunted the approximately fifty users undergoing treatment at Capena to other dialysis centers.

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Coldiretti consumption Italy invaded by palm oil (19%), it is alarm

Consumption: Coldiretti, Italy invaded by palm oil (+19%), is alarmed

Imports of palm oil into Italy increase 19 percent to a record amount that exceeded even 1.7 billion kilos in 2014, a negative record never before achieved. This is the finding of an analysis by Coldiretti, Which Raises the Alarm About the Invasion of A Product Under Indictment from Nutritional and Environmental Point of View, Right in The Homeland of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet.

Palm Oil Due to Its Low Cost and Lack of Information – Coldiretti stresses – TENDS TODERS HIGHER-QUALITY Fats Practically Everywhere and Even in Baby Foods Such As Cookies, Snacks, Cakes and Even in Baby Milk, with Quantities Imported Intoly Incaseing Tenfold in the Last 15 Years, But Which Can Now BE Recognized From The Label they.

Concerns About the Impact On Health Two to the ’ High Content of Saturated Fatty Acids Are, Moreover, Compounded by Those from the Environmental Point of View Because – Coldiretti Continues – The Huge Development of the Palm Oil Market Is Leading to the Unbridled Deforestation of Vast Forests, Not to Mention the Pollution Caused by Transportation Thousands of Kilometers Away from the place of Production.

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Muscle Contracture The Best Remedie

Muscle Contracture, The Best Remedie

Portrait of Young Woman in Wool Hat and Scarf Has a Running Nose Isolated on Blue Background

Contracture, stretching, cramping: these are all muscle injuries that can occur when one assumes poor posture, carries too heavy a load, or performs an intense workout, perhaps without having first done a proper warm-up and thus suffers muscle pain.

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What the umbilical cord looks like

What the umbilical cord looks like?

The umbilical cord is an organ that plays a critical role during pregnancy. It, in fact, allows the exchange of nutrients between mother and fetus. It is about 50cm long and 2cm thick and has a pearly colour. During embryonic development, the cord, originates in the mother’s placenta, which is why the blood flowing within it is also called “placental blood” as well as “umbilical cord blood”.

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Cesano – “Day for the Care of Creation”

Cesano – “Day for the custody of creation”,

Vatican Radio. Over the Course of the “day for the care of creation”, Held On the Eve of the Summit of the’A climate change in Durban, The Pope and’ Intervene Once Again on Safeguarding the’Environment as Recognition of the Human Person and His Inviolability’. Once Again We Point Out How His Words Are In Profound Contrast To What Has Been Happening for Decades, Day After Day, Around the Radiovaticana Facilities in Santa Maria di Galeria.

The Coordination of the Committees of North Rome Brings All’attention of the public prosecutor’s office an additional case of hemolymphatic cancer disease.

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Cerveteri – IV World Congress of Reconstructive Neurosurgery of the ISRN

Cerveteri – 4th World Congress of Reconstructive Neurosurgery of the ISRN’ISRN

"Cerveteri had the pleasure of hosting a leading scientific conference – Alessio Pascucci, mayor of the city, said at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the Neurorehabilitation Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, which took place in Rome, about one hundred researchers and practitioners of the neuromedical sciences participated in the 4th World Congress of the’ISNR – International Society of Reconstructive Neurosurgery. I would like, once again, to thank Prof. Massimiliano Visocchi, Our Fellow Citizen and Distinguished scientist and president of the Isnr, for the ’ Excellent subsequent of an event that Gave International Visionity to our City. Not Surprisingly, The Professor Was Very Keen to includes in The Program of the Congress a Visit to the Necropolis of Banditaccia and the Ceite Archaeological Museum, As Well As a Tasting of Our Eno-Grastronomic Excellence.

A Certainly Important Occasion for Cerveteri That as a Municipal Administration We Will Not Hesitati to Support in The Future As Well".
The Event was Held Sept. 12-14 and was sponsored by, Among Others, The Italian Society of Neurosurgery and the Catholic University Policlinico Gemelli in Rome. AMONG the Speakers, The Conference Included Surinent Experts as Alessandro Olivi (Baltimore USA), Fred Gentili (Canada), Antonio Bernardo (New York), Concezio di Rocco (Hannover Germany), K. Von Wild (Germany), Takamitsu Yamamoto (Japan), n. Saeki (Japan), Wai s. Poon (Hong Kong), Armando Basso (Argentina). Opening Remarks Were Given by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at Catholic University, prof. Rocco Bellantone, and the General Director of Policlinico Gemelli, Ing.

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Multiple sclerosis an enemy that continues to grow

Multiple sclerosis, an enemy that continues to grow

Numbers can often help to immediately understand the center of an issue, and so let us start precisely with some simple figures: 3 million people in the world suffer from multiple sclerosis and about one million in Europe alone: of these, 120million live in Germany, almost 110 thousand in the United Kingdom and as many as 75 thousand in our country, with on average a new diagnosis every four hours.

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Evoo Can Influence the Genesis and outcome of some cancer Diseases and Their Treatment

Evoo May Influence the Genesis and outcome of some cancer Diseases and Their Treatment

Polyphenols of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Influence The Genesis, Development and outcome of Some Caners and Their Treatment. This is what emberd from a recent Research on the Biological Activities of Evoo Polyphenols Published in The International Journal Oncology Reports, Managed by Lilt of Latina in Collaboration with the Capol of Latina, Carried Out by the Department of Science and Biotechnology of the Faculty of Medicine of La Sapienza University Polo Pontino, and Funded by the Third Pillar Foundation.

Samples of oil from the Itrana monocultivar of Pontine producers participating in the last 8 editions of the Provincial Competition ‘L’Olio delle Colline’ were analyzed in the Latina University laboratories. It was found that Polyphenols in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Inhibit the skill of Cancer Cells To Reproduce and Have Effects of Reducing Toxicity After Therapeutic Treatment with Chemotherapeutic Drugs and Enhancing the beneficiary Properties of Other.

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Actinic keratosis constant monitoring and treatment always recommended

Actinic keratosis, constant monitoring and treatment always recommended

Actinic keratosis, also known as solar keratosis or senile keratosis, is a pre-cancerous neoformation classified by the Ministry of Health as a skin cancer, and for this reason its monitoring and treatment are always recommended. The predominantly male population is affected (34.3%) Compared with the female population (20%) 1 and more than 60%of Squamous Cell Carcinomas, (Also Called Spincellular or Spinaliomas), invasive Skin Caners, are found to Arise From Actinic Keratoses2. Recognizing this disease and intervening early is essential to prevent the occurrence of invasive skin cancers.

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