ASL RM F Hires New Staff, Will Go To Implement St. Paul and Padre Pio

ASL RM F Hires New Staff, Will Go To Implement St. Paul’s and Padre Pio

It is of these days the news that the Lazio Region Authorized Through the decree of the acting commissioner n. 303 of July 2, 2015, The physiotherapy institutes, the.N.M.THE. “Lazzaro Spallanzani” and the USL company USL Roma F, to Hire as an exception to the freeze on turnover of full-time, permanent health personnel.

This important innovation Regarding the ’ Arrival of New Staff Will Go to Incasse The Lacking Resources of the Health Authority, Particularly The Two Corporate Hospital Poles (San Paolo and Padre Pio) and the recent Ladispoli Health House.

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Diet Why at Medical Consultation is Needed

Diet, Why at Medical Consultation is Needed

For many, “going on a diet” equals the end of the world and losing the joy of living. In reality, if the diet and eating regimen are proposed by a professional, it is simply a matter of changing one’s eating habits (which were evidently wrong since they had led to weight gain) to take on new, healthier ones. Of course, it is very important to combine the right physical activity with your diet.

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Cerveteri – Saturday 21 Educational Day on ADHD Universe

Cerveteri – Saturday 21 Educational Day on the ’ ADHD Universe

It will be helpà Next Saturday Starting at 9 a.m. In The Council Chamber of the Municipal of Cerveteri, Organized by The Observatory on Autism of the ASL Roma F in Collaboration with the AIFA Onlus, an educational day dedicated to adhd, an emerging pathology that involvees more and more and moreù Families Also in Our Country

Thus ’è The ’ ADHD? “ it Patrizia Stacconi, President of the AIFA Onlus – Illustrates Us That Those Children We Find at Our Our Children ’S Parties, in The bus or on the Train, in Schools or on the street manifest and that they show themselves constantly agitated, Constantly Moving, Never Able to Sit Still, Constantly Fidge and That Parents Find Great Difficultyà to Keep “ Good ”.

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How To Ensure The Well-Boing of Elderly People in Their Own Homes

How To Ensure The Well-Boing of Older People in Their Own Homes

F We Have Elderly Family Members, We Have Often Found Ourselves in The Situation of Worrying About Their Health and Well-Being Within The Walls of the Home: Too Often, in fact, we have realized how dangerous or Insidious Very Simple ACTIONS can be When One No Longer Has Full Control of One’s Body and Motor Faculties.
Whether the elderly persons in question live at home with us or live alone (indeed, perhaps all the more so if they live alone!), we should take steps regarding their accommodation. But where to start? In the next few lines, we will see what are the major dangers one might face within the seemingly safe walls of the home and why one should start with the’purchase of a stair lift and the’analysis of sanitary.

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Praise for Tomatoes Extraordinary Against Cancers

Praise for Tomatoes, Extraordinary Against Cancer

Tomatoes a True Gift from Creation. Until Now, These Vegetables Had Been Toured As Foods with Above-Aaverage Nutrients For Our Health Because of Their High Number of Antioxidants, Also Rich in Minerals and Vitamins, Espencially Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Folate, Which May Play A Role in the Prevention of Certain Types of Cancer and Other Diseases.

The Potassium in Tomatoes, for Example, acts as a vasodilator so it is a Great Help For Those suffering from High Blood Pressure. AS A Resault, The Consumption of Tomatoes Reduces Risks Related to High Blood Pressure Such As Strokes. OR, The Properties of Tomatoes Also Extend to Eyesight. Lutein and Zeaxanthin Found in Tomatoes Help Protect the Eyes from Solar Radiation. These Two Substances Also, Combined with beta-carotene promoted Healthy Vision in General.

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Italy a lazy country only 1 in 3 Italians practice sports

Italy lazy country, only one in three Italians play sports

Only 1 in 3 Italians States that they practice one or More Sports in Their Free Time; Laziness GroWs from North to South and is More present in Small Towns and Suburbs. Conference sponsored by Health City Institute as part of Anci assembly in Bari analyzes the theme “Health and sports for wellness in cities”

Bari, Oct. 13, 2016 – “In the future, it will be crucial to study the benefits of sports activity on individual and collective well-being.” A few months ago the president of Istat, Giorgio Alleva, issued this invitation during a sports promotion initiative promoted by Coni. The invitation was promptly taken up by Health City Institute, a natural evolution of Health City Think Tank, a group of experts that recently developed the manifesto “Health in Cities: a Common Good,” to offer institutions and local governments food for thought to guide them in studying the determinants of health in urban contexts.

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Hair Transplant Center in Milan here is the best one

Hair Transplant Center in Milan: here’s the best

In Milan, it is now possible to have a hair transplant with the revolutionary technique Devised by Dr. Gho, which uses pure stem cells. This Technique, Does a Partial Harvesting of the Hair Bulb, and Makes It Strong and Vigorous in A Privy Medical Compound. This is a technique suitable for patient with unersized donor areas and advanced baldness, and allews for thick hair and no scarring.

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Cerveteri – Paliotta “The First Aid Station will not be downsized”

Cerveteri – Paliotta: "The First Aid Post will not be downsized."

First Aid Station will not be downsized, the more than one hundred thousand residents of our area need more answers in terms of adequate health care.” Thus the Mayor Crescenzo Paliotta commented on the news that the Lazio Region Social Policy and Health Commission has reiterated that the staffing of the Ladispoli and Cerveteri Pit will not have to be reduced.

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